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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Core Values of

  1. Always do what is right for the client
  2. Treat our clients with respect
  3. Always improve knowledge and skills
  4. Spend client’s funds as if they were our own
  5. Don’t waste time, money, ideas, nature
  6. Think outside the box.  Be creative, insightful
  7. Help clients be successful
  8. Help others when possible.  Give back.

Half Price PPC Puppy CEO

Why have I never heard of

  1. We’ve been around since 2007 performing PPC management as part of our overall advertising services offering. We have a BBB A+ rating.  We decided to offer PPC management under a separate name to expand the brand specialty, and prepare for future expansion objectives.

Why are You Not Google Ads or Bing Certified?

  1. Only One Person Certified?
    Did you know that a Google Partner has to have only ONE PERSON Google Ads certified in the company? Are you guaranteed that that he / she is the only one working your account?
  2. You’re No Expert.
    Certification is not saying you’re an expert.  It represents only a basic understanding, but it has value.
  3. No Experience.
    It doesn’t teach how to apply your PPC knowledge, the why or why not, or the when, or marketing and business interrelationship, or how to analyze data, or solve PPC problems.  Frankly, we have 14 years of successful PPC management EXPERIENCE and happy clients without it.
  4. For Fun – I ran one of our accounts through the WordStream AdWords Grader and they sent me this:Wordstream Award for PPC campaign managementI can’t say I believe this ego-stroker – but I’ll graciously accept it.

Wow ! Those are some wonderful photos.  Where did you get them?

  1. We usually don’t kiss and tell, but OK – just this once.  They are from the website which has copyright / cost / attribution free graphics.
  2. The talented artist is Ryan McGuire at Ryan can create a unique project especially for you.