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This Is Bob.

Bob Does Good PPC.

Bob Guarantees Immediate Savings.

Contact Bob.

Bob Makes Clients Happy


• CPA from $16.61 to $1.89 = 879% Improvement
• CTR from 0.43% to 4.79% = 1113% Improvement
• 0 to 9 Conversions /day = Infinite Improvement
• Shopping Revenue from $16k to $24k/mo
   with one small change = 50% Improvement

“. . . campaign was costing too much ($4k/mo.) and wasn’t getting quality clicks. They reviewed our account, reduced costs, and fixed the campaign.  We now spend over $25k/mo., revenue has tripled.”  Phil W. Mesa AZ”

Why You Need Bob


Maybe your PPC Mgr. isn’t doing a good job?
New to PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and need help?
Don’t meet competitor’s min. account size?
Want re-marketing, shopping campaigns?
PPC costs skyrocketing / ROI dropping?
No time to properly manage your PPC?
You  tried to build the campaign?
PPC Manager just fired / MIA?
PPC Management fees High?
Need a little training?
What’s your reason?

Why Half Price PPC?


Half Price PPC builds a strong PPC foundation.
We provide personalized PPC campaign management.
We don’t charge high pay per click service fees.

Many campaigns that we help are in need of a solid PPC foundation.  They first need proper structure, good keywords, correct ad placements, negative keywords, effective bidding, alignment with business objectives, etc.  Without these basics, their campaigns waste money and precious sales opportunities.

We’re a FULL SERVICE pay per click advertising services company offering:

• A la carte services – only pay for what you use
Top-notch analysis of your campaigns
Training for In-house staff & DIY people
All custom services – no fancy software
Hand-generated reports you can understand
• Treat your budget like we’re spending our money

• Marketing Intelligence from PPC data
• Bob monitors campaigns daily
• 100% Made-in-the USA company
• 14 yrs. PPC experience + MBA
• 25 yrs. Biz Process Improvement exp.
• Personable, Reliable, Trustworthy

Half Price


Half Price PPC isn’t a new kid on the block. We’ve been doing pay per click advertising services and PPC campaign management services for over 14 years. PPC was one of the many services offered since 2007 through our parent company AdsValue. We decided to specialize in Google Ads PPC, Bing Ads PPC, and most recently Facebook PPC. We pride ourselves on quality performance, personalized service, affordable prices, honesty, and ethical business practices.

Sorry – You probably won’t find any “social proof” about AdsValue (or Half Price PPC). In all our years, we’ve been successful from REFERRAL business only. No advertising, no promotions, no collecting Likes, no tweets, guest posts, etc. Our success has just grown from training, dedication to our clients, professional work and results.

Yes – Bob does exist in a suburb of the Phoenix AZ metro area. He has over 25 years’ experience in data analysis, marketing, lead generation, quality control, business process improvement, and small business management. He understands what it takes to manage tight budgets to achieve goals, building an end-to-end marketing system, and the business cooperation needed for successful campaigns results.

BBB A+ Rating

Decision Time


Your PPC campaign is either wasting money, not making you money, or in need of improvements – which is it?

Now is the time to do something about it.

• Reduce PPC account waste
• Reduce pay per click service costs
• Rehabilitate or upgrade campaigns

. . . all without sacrificing account quality.

You Own Your Account.  No Contracts.
A la carte services – pay only for what you need.

Immediate savings guaranteed.

By now – you know Bob.

Contact Bob.

AZ Hours: Mon–Fri 9A – 4P

Phone: 480-427-0110